Jaxer is just getting started as a community project, so there is a lot of structure that needs to be implemented for effective management. We hope for growth, but at the same time, we don't hope for the kind of explosive growth that out-paces all of our efforts (should should be lucky). This page lays out what the team is working on and how to contribute.


The Roadmap page outlines the long term benchmarks that we're working towards. The tasks defines the short term goals that we're working towards. This is to allow potential contributers to know specifically what our attention is focused on to offer patches, feedback, and bug reports for the current task at hand.

Right now the focus is on cleaning up the client and server side frameworks. There is a lot of functionality that we want to implement, but before we can do that, we want to make sure that Jaxer does one thing, and does one thing well, seemless Javascript. Right now features such as the server-side sandbox are being removed. If features are deemed necessary, then they can be added back into the project at a later point. Right now the less code the less to manage, the easier to it will be to understand and manage the core mechanics of the project.


Documentation is the most important aspect, and often the reason, for any successful project. We've done what we can to put out best foot forward. If there are any fixes, we would like to know about them and the best way to let us know is to either contact us on twitter @JaxerOfficial or through Reddit on /r/Jaxer.

Specifically for documentation, if there are any examples that demonstrate a specific functionality, it can help new programmers pick up the concepts that much faster. If you write any tutorials on your own blog, let us know and we'll link to it to try and create a list of resources that can quikcly be referenced. And if you help translate the documentation into your own langauge? Let us know and we can take Jaxer further.

Bug Reports

Projects are always different when they're in an internal developer environment versus in actual application. Is there any problem we've over looked, or any bug that needs addressing? Open an issue on the Github page, provide as much information as you can, and we will see what we can do to remedy the issue.


Bounties won't be available until we get funding. But we plan to set up bounties to help motivate developers to track down mission critical functionality or security issues.

Join the Team

This is funding dependent as well. But as Jaxer grows, we would like to grow our team along with it. If we're able to start getting sponsors or donations, then we will start posting for positions on the team as they become viable.

If you would like help us to pay the rent, attend events, set up bounties, and hire new memebers to make Jaxer even better, we appretiate the generosity. Currently we have no donation pages set up.