Namespace object holding functions and members for working with client (browser) cookies on the server side.


Jaxer.Util.Cookie holds the namespace for interacting with cookies. No instance is required, as all of the methods for the current request take place through a given static object. Also by default cookies are set to http only, as to not be accessible from the client.

Note : There is no reason for this module to be located inside Util. In future releases, it will likely be moved to Jaxer.Cookie.


  • Jaxer.Util.Cookie.get(name);
  • <String> name - The name of the cookie to retrieve

    <String> - Returns the value of the specified cookie or null if the value does not exist

    Get a cookie key value.

  • Jaxer.Util.Cookie.getAll();
  • none

    <Object> - The resulting object of all cookie key/value pairs

    Get an object containing all cookie keys and values from the current request. Each cookie name will become a property on the object and each cookie value will become that property's value.

  • Jaxer.Util.Cookie.parseSetCookieHeaders(strings);
  • <Array> strings - An array of the (string) values of the HTTP response's Set-Cookie headers

    <Array> - An array of objects with properties name, value, expires, path, and domain

    Parses a given array of an HTTP response's "Set-Cookie" header strings to extract the cookie fields.

  • Jaxer.Util.Cookie.set(name, value);
    • <String> name - The name of the cookie to set
    • <String> value - The value of the cookie


    Set a cookie name/value pair.